Your loved one, a donor, a hero.

When your loved one decided to become a donor and made it known on their driver's license, it means they have given first person consent. The decision is made and their wishes are known.

What is your part as the next-of-kin? Your part is vital. It is now up to you to fulfill the wishes of your loved one, and in the midst of pain and loss it is not an easy task. You'll be asked by a coordinator to answer questions regarding your loved one's medical and social history so that the donation can move forward.

Although it is the last thing you want to be doing, please take the time to answer these questions to the best of your ability. Recipient safety is critical, and time is of the essence. Your loved one wanted the gift of sight to be their legacy, and you can be the one to help us make this happen.

It's important to remember during this extraordinarily difficult time that your loved one chose to be a hero and can bring sight to two people. 

Grief Support

Hospice of Dayton provides grief services to anyone who has lost a loved one. 

Nationally, is a great resource for grief services. 

Grateful Recipients

The letters of gratitude we receive from the recipients are filled with condolences for the loss the donor family is experiencing and acknowledgment of the amazing gift of sight they have received.  These are some of the most acknowledged delights:

Seeing the leaves on trees

Watching their grandchildren play

Gaining their independence again

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