We are proud to be a part of the Dayton community and appreciate the support we get in return.

Out & About

We treasure the opportunities we get to go out and share our passion about donation, hear your donor stories, answer questions, and get feedback from you. We speak at many hospitals, schools, clubs, health fairs, etc. If you're interested in having one of us speak at your event or would like to have a tour of our facilities, please click here

Not only do we enjoy to participating in local events, we also put on an event or two! Check out what we have going on here.

Last, but not least, we take our Lion heritage to heart and We Serve. 



We care deeply for our donor families - in the midst of pain and loss, they chose to give the gift of sight to their fellow man. We can't thank them enough. If you are a donor family member, please click here

Just as we mourn with the donor families, we celebrate with the recipients. What an amazing gift they experience! In the thank you letters we receive, the most common gratitudes are for seeing their children or grandchildren, seeing the leaves on trees, and gaining independence again. If you are a recipient, please click here. ​

Another way we honor our community is by making it a priority to place local tissue back into our local communities. If there is no local need, then we look to place the tissue nationally, and then internationally. It is with pride that we think of our donors who have provided sight to recipients around the globe. The donor and their gift is thought of by their recipients as they look upon the pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall of China, or their grandchild's face right here in Ohio. 

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